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Last week I shared with you some tips, training and resources on niche selection and validation so this week I decided to focus on something we all have to do and many of us dread…

And that’s content creation!

Yes, I know you may well already be screaming into your keyboard but these tips and resources are all designed to make creating stellar content a lot easier and quicker for you so keep reading…

First thing you need to know is the difference between niche content and core content and when best to create each – there’s an excellent tutorial on that here:

Thing is, it’s not enough just to create content – that content has to be shareable in order to drive traffic back to your site.

No idea how to create shareable stuff people will salivate over? You’re not alone but luckily there are some great tips here:

And, crucially, that content has to convert as well…otherwise, what’s the point?

For advice on how to do that, take a look at this:

OK, you might be thinking, but what if you have no ideas for content in the first place?

Ah…for that you need inspiration…

Here’s how to get bucketloads of the stuff:

Then there are those among us who hate writing…no problem if you use these tips:

And these:

Now you can create content quickly and easily, you need to know how best to deploy it for maximum effect this year…

For that, you need this:

While for a whole bunch of tools that will help without costing you a bean, let’s head back to Hubspot:

When it comes down to it, success online or off is all about noticing what people want and giving it to them…and one excellent way to do that is to listen to them. Your TED talk this week will help you do that better too: