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This week I’m kicking off with something that landed in my inbox and resonated immediately with me – Jeff Walker of Product Launch Formula fame talking to Sean Platt, one of my fave authorpreneurs, about the importance of story in your marketing.

This is relevant to you whatever you market and is a short, powerful interview packed with inspiration:

From Sean Platt’s own site, here’s another great lesson, this time on choosing and commissioning an ecover that works:

Sean is also one third of the team behind the brilliant self-publishing podcast and their latest episode on research again contains useful takeaways for us all:

Why am I citing Sean Platt so much this week? Because I remember when he was ‘just’ another blogger and freelance writer who took a leap and built up Sterling & Stone with his partners, among other interests. I find his success hugely inspirational and I am sure you will as well.

Someone else who has overcome enormous adversity to become a big online and offline success is JP Maroney and here is a podcast interview he did with the equally seasoned Warren Whitlock that will boost anyone’s business spirits:

I also love this piece by Ryan Novak on the same subject:

The lesson here is that adversity is an inevitable part of building a business and shaping the kind of life you want. How you handle it is key and knowing that almost every entrepreneur who made it has had to push through obstacles will help on those days when nothing seems to go right and you’re wondering when you’re ever going to create a steady stream of income.

I’ve recommended many freebies from Hubspot to help you achieve your goals and here is one that chimes with my own teaching and I know many of you will find useful. As always with Hubspot, you need to provide your details to download but I have never had an issue with them:

Another recent offering of theirs I like is How to Double Your Lead Gen Flow in 30 Days:

Following our theme of overcoming adversity to reach success, this week’s TED talk from Aimee Mullins will inspire and move you in equal measure:

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