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This week I’m in multitasking mode (when am I not?!) and if that’s not one that’s familiar to you then read on…

You see, I believe that all of us need to multitask these days whether we work online or off. You’ve got it – the fabled ‘multiple streams of income.’

Thing is, they really are the way to go. If one dries up or flows more slowly for a while, there’s always another to fill in the gap.

I know many people’s minds implode at the thought…after all, it’s hard enough sometimes kickstarting one stream of income let alone several. That’s why this week’s newsletter is devoted to tips, tactics and ideas to get those streams gushing.

First up, an excellent piece for you freelancers and bloggers to get you started selling digital products as an additional source of income:

Ramit Sethi’s an expert on how to make extra money from additional sources of income – here’s his take on three easy ways to do that, complete with a great infographic:

And his on-the-button insights on what stops people from setting up those new earners that could transform their circumstances, if only they’d let them:

Incidentally, there is a pop-up to get his free report and it’s worth it if only to see the way he does this…the ‘please confirm’ page is a masterclass in itself 😉

Pat Flynn is another entrepreneur who knows all about earning from  multiple sources and this podcast of his is a real eye-opener because it’s him talking to another entrepreneur who has several businesses on the go and is…wait for it…10 years old.

Not only inspirational but full of savvy insights:

The site Part Time Webpreneur is for those of you who are still setting up your online business(es) while employed elsewhere or involved in other things. I love these 8 tips on how to manage your time when running multiple interests/businesses:

And if you’re looking for real world information on how to build and run those various businesses, I’ve found this extraordinary library of freebie business books you can download – 14 of ‘em including a handy zipped file of the whole lot:

Today’s Kindle freebie builds on the inspiration found in Pat Flynn’s podcast to showcase startups that have grown in extraordinary ways…and how they did it.

You may not be planning a new Hubspot or Evernote (why not?) but this is still a great read:

As for your weekly dose of TEDspiration – this one is a gem from Reeny Gleeson on creative ways to make the most out of 404 error pages:

One final word on multiple streams of income – I’m launching my new course on one of mine, Amazon Gold, this Tuesday in response to popular demand! This reveals my secrets on sourcing profitably for Amazon so you, too, can profit from one of the biggest gold rushes in years…

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