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You know you sometimes get those days or even weeks when it seems you have to wear several different heads all at once?

I had one of those yesterday, helping to run our school bazaar in the morning all dressed up to the nines because I then had to dash to an awards ceremony for young writers for which I had been a judge.

All incredibly rewarding as we always raise thousands for charity at the bazaar and the young writers were enchanting…but exhausting too.

I know it can feel like that when you are attempting to juggle an online business with life and all its demands as well so this week I have decided to focus on just one thing in your Weekend Takeaways…

YouTube marketing.

This isn’t some random choice because I have been connecting with prominent vloggers and all kinds of marketers who love what it has done for their lives and businesses…and continues to do.

Let’s therefore kick off with this excellent tutorial by Sunny Lenarduzzi who used to be a TV reporter and is now a video marketing expert:

Sunny is a firm believer in building a list through YouTube which is the smart approach to using any social media platform. After all, algorithms can change and platforms alter their policies in a blink but once you have captured your subscriber’s details you have control.

Here are 7 more ways you can build lists using YouTube:

It’s vital that you build a YouTube channel rather than just throwing out random, disconnected videos – here’s the inimitable Neil Patel on how to do that successfully:

And here are some great ideas on how to promote that channel and getting even more subscribers:

With 11 more smart ways here:

Of course, you need to create videos to fill your channel and bring in those subscribers in the first place. To make your videos really stand out, here’s some fabulous HD footage – just sign up to get 10 videos delivered to your inbox every 10 days:

As for soundtracks for your videos, don’t forget the YouTube audio library which you can access here:

To help you create your videos, Slidely is not only an excellent no cost option but it is also a social sharing community which means more exposure for you and your business with no extra effort:

Another option is Wevideo which has a no cost starter option:

As does Wistia:

Need some tips on how to make that killer video in the first place? Here’s Hubspot to the rescue:

While the ‘no-hype guide to video marketing’ from Convince and Convert is frankly brilliant:

At the heart of all great marketing videos lies a great story – yours or that of the product. For your TED talk this week, here’s Andrew Stanton of Toy Story and Wall-E fame on the clues to a great story:


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