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It may be August and traditionally holiday or vacation time but there is no sign of things slowing down online or off!

I seem to have been constantly on the go for the past few days and what I have noticed is how everyone now expects an immediate experience.

The outdoor concerts and art exhibitions I have attended all encourage you to tweet, Instagram and spread the word while you are still there while I saw folk everywhere live streaming their experiences of London.

Take this to your marketing and you can see that providing that sense of immediacy and freshness is key. One way to do that is, of course, live streaming and I found this very useful tutorial here on the best apps to use to help you do that successfully and easily:

While here are 5 more suggestions for you to try:

Want to know where to live stream? This gives some options beyond the obvious:

I mentioned Instagram earlier and there’s no doubt that any marketing strategy should embrace the platform at the moment but are you inadvertently breaking the rules?

Here’s how to stay safe so you can keep using all Instagram has to offer:

Another marketing method that has near instant results and therefore feels immediate is mobile marketing – here are the top trends in the sector right now:

Need some tips on mobile marketing? Here are some great ways to boost engagement and sales:

And 9 more top tips here:

I mentioned the fact that it’s August at the beginning of this and one thing people often struggle with is that summer feeling slowing down productivity…if that’s you, here’s how to combat that:

While these insights from Facebook will show you how customers and prospects behave during the summer and how marketers like you can use this information to your advantage:

Your TED talk this week is purely for your wellbeing as I firmly believe that it is when you are happiest that you are also most successful – this is one of my absolute favourites and it’s Matthieu Ricard on the habits of happiness:

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