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A buzzword I’ve noticed more often recently is ‘viral’ – there are all kinds of tools out there promising to create and/or distribute your content in some form that goes viral.

This could be as an image, a video, a post…whatever. And there is no doubt that viral content in all its forms can bring you bucketloads of recognition and traffic.

I decided this week, therefore, to hunt down the best no cost options for you when it comes to all things viral (apart from nasty bugs, of course!) This also means you can tie in last week’s ideas on repurposing PLR content to cut down on creation time.

Let’s start with this excellent piece on 7 ways to make content go viral – totally up to the minute stuff you need to study to hit the viral pulse:

Video is an essential when it comes to viral marketing and there are some great tips here on how to create videos that go viral that are still applicable:

I also like the tips given here along with some great examples – watch and learn!

Of course, to get your video to go viral you need to SEO it properly and ensure all the right technical tweaks are in place. Here’s how to do that:

When it comes to images (as well as other content), creating something that goes viral is not necessarily entirely under your control.

Scott Stratten, author of Unmarketing, said:

“You can’t make something go viral. You don’t decide, I don’t decide, the audience does”

And he’s absolutely right. That said, the following has some great advice on how to create images that may get shared thousands or even millions of times on Facebook and Pinterest.

It also contains a link to more from Scott with his best tip being that you need to evoke strong emotion in order to go viral:

While this is a superb tutorial on how to make all your content contagious, including how to evoke those crucial ‘high arousal’ emotions:

Infographics are one thing that work particularly well on Pinterest, as I’ve previously taught.

Here are some great tips to make your ‘Pinfographic’ more successful on Pinterest to ultimately drive way more traffic to your sites and offers:

If you need hard numbers, Neil Patel shows you here how to create viral content that will drive 2500 visitors a day. That may sound very definite but Neil knows his stuff and shares the tools he uses:

Most of the tools Neil uses are paid options but if you need some no cost tools to get you started here’s a good selection for blog content:

And here are 15 more for viral image creation that will cost you absolutely nada:

While here are 16 tools that will help you find what’s trending and therefore more likely to go viral if used in some form of content:

I have recommended Kevin Allocca’s TED talk on why videos go viral before but it’s always worth a second or even tenth look: