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This week I thought I would expand on some of my recent recommendations so that you can learn more and apply that knowledge for your own benefit.

First up, let’s look at LinkedIn and what those changes there mean for you…and if you think they don’t apply to you, you’re missing a big trick. As she says in this article:

 “In my opinion, LinkedIn is currently the most important social media site to keep up with for business.”

Learn all about it here:

And how those changes apply to marketers here:

Then discover LinkedIn’s new remarketing capabilities here:

Something else I have mentioned this week is FB Live but did you know about their new camera effects?

Here’s more about them and how to use them:

While the Social Media Marketing talk show will take you through all the changes you need to know about in social media marketing and how best to embrace them (you need to sign up to view the replay but it’s well worth it):

Another topic I have touched on is video marketing and I have found an amazing selection of video assets for you to download for nada – over 100 of them:

And another 1000 here (you have to sign up for some of these):

Your TED talk this week has nothing to do with IM…and everything to do with life.




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