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We’ve been battered by storms and Tube strikes alike this week in London and I feel desperately sorry for those poor commuters struggling to get to work. I also feel incredibly grateful that I can do what I do from the comfort of my own desk at home.

For those of you who have yet to make that work-at-home thing a reality – or who would like to earn more doing so – this week’s continuation of our ‘make more money’ series should help a lot.

I’m focusing for this edition on content marketing and how to monetize it. You all know I’m a huge advocate of content marketing, as well as a teacher of it, but I realise that many of you still wonder how the heck you make moolah through it.

Read on for some great training and tips…

First up, a couple of humdingers from Copyblogger, possibly the greatest resource for content marketers on the net. The first is a superb lesson on nailing your opening – a hugely important skill for all content marketers:

I know many people struggle with what on earth to use as content so here’s another excellent lesson on how to get ideas:

The writer of that piece, Jerrod Morris, has his own blog and this is a very useful article from it on email subject lines:

To really hone down your content marketing approach and make it more profitable, you need to adopt a business model or models. This is a great podcast from Geoff McDonald on 6 effective business models you can use.

Before you listen, here’s a little about Geoff taken from his bio as he’s an interesting character:

“Geoff’s first career was as an architect having studied in the Australia and the US.

He quit architecture when he realized that computers were taking over. He then created a web design business just to make sure that computers really had taken over.”

And here’s the podcast:

If you’d prefer a more concise, visual way of summing up various content marketing business models then this chart from Heidi Cohen is perfect:

I’m recommending not one but two Kindle freebies for you this week, the first a rather nice edition of Wallace Wattles’ The Science of Getting Rich.  In case you think that’s too woo-woo for you, take a look at this excerpt from a review that sums it up well:

“This book was originally written almost a hundred years ago. It is focused on the acquisition of money, period. It’s not about raising your self esteem, setting goals and leading a happy life. It’s just plain money making. I like a bold author who cuts to the chase. I particularly like his assertion that we have “a right to be rich.” No, it’s not about greed and selfishness. It’s not about trampling over other people.”

Get the Kindle freebie here:

Your second Kindle freebie this week is one I had to pick because I’ve noticed rather a lot of paid courses on this subject…learn all about it here for nada:

And finally, not one but three videos this week (I know, I know…I love you all too much ;-)):

The first two are from the Content Marketing Show 2013 and are pithy presentations by two of the speakers.

The first, Ed Bussey, helped found the successful lingerie site Figleaves and now runs a content marketing business called Quill. This is useful for all of you but especially those who consult to offline businesses or focus on B2B (business to business):

The second is from Will Koch of LinkedIn on how to use the platform for effective content marketing, especially for B2B:

If you’d like to attend the 2014 Content Marketing Show this July in London (it’s free) then you can find out all about it here….yes, I know this will only apply to those who are close enough to attend but you could always factor in a holiday and a cup of tea with me:

Let’s round up for this week with a slightly off the wall but highly educational talk from Dan Cobley on what physics taught him about marketing:


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