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I’m writing you this in front of the Wimbledon Men’s final. No, I haven’t taken my laptop down there (that would raise a few eyebrows!) but I like working to the thud of tennis balls in the background and the odd cheer.

I also like seeing people who are supremely good at what they do and it struck me as I was watching how true sportsmen and women have to be to themselves…after all, it’s only them out there, doing it.

That’s also something I think you can apply to your business because being your authentic self at all times and bringing that to what you do will make you far more successful. Fact.

Which is why, today, we are going to explore some ways to do that starting with this excellent piece:

And then this from the fabulous Chris Guillebeau:

Some people refer to this being yourself stuff as your personal brand – here’s how to create and build that:

With some more tips here:

Plus some slightly more unusual ideas here:

And 6 ways to monetize your personal brand here:

One tip mentioned is to connect with Instagram influencers but how about becoming one yourself? Learn how to do that here:

With 25 more tips on how to become a social media influencer here:

And 12 secrets from power players who became famous online here using social media strategies:

For your TED talk this week, Rob Brown on how to build the personal brand of you:

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