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It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and everywhere I look online there are ads for dating sites, relationship advice and the like.

That’s partly thanks to the research I’ve been doing on various niches (yes, really!) and I have to say that, if you have ever turned your nose up at getting in to this niche, think again because it’s booming.

Dating and relationships have always been evergreen earners and there are so many sub-niches that you can still carve out your own lucrative space.

There are multiple opportunities to create your own products (including PLR) and books as well as to promote physical and digital items across this and related markets. You could even offer coaching and other services or start your own white label dating site.

Still hesitating? Let me offer you two words: Eben Pagan. Yep, the man himself started out in this very niche and made gazillions within it.

If you’d like to dive into this niche – and I highly suggest you do – there is an excellent guide here with links to even more great tips:

Another way to make bank from this niche is to write copy for it – it’s one of the most lucrative areas for fledgling copywriters to choose.

Even if you just want inspiration for your own headlines and copy, these swipes will prove invaluable:

If you need some gorgeous romance graphics for your new site/product/social media posts then try these:

Instagram Stories work well with this niche as do many others, getting more engagement for users than traditional Instagram posts. Find out how to use Instagram Stories within your marketing here:

When it comes to social media marketing, niche is also the way to go – take a look at this list of 60 niche social network sites and pay particular attention to Stachepassions.

Yes, it’s a dating site for people into mustaches but it’s also a success story worth studying and a lesson in how niching down pays dividends:

And if you simply want to do better in any niche, listen to this excellent podcast from Lance Tamashiro:

In among the usual excellent offerings at Mashable is this hilarious piece for a little light relief (go on – we all need a break from becoming the next big thing):

Love comes in many forms and this week’s TED talk covers one that will resonate with many of you – Scott Dinsmore on how to find work that you love:

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