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It’s early morning here in London and I’m listening to the birds singing in our garden as I type this. Moments like this remind me why I love working for myself – I choose my hours, my place of work and even my coffee beans.

Yes, I might be at my desk way before ‘normal’ working hours but what are those nowadays anyway?

In case you need a little inspiration to make you feel as good about working for yourself – or to encourage you towards it – then read this piece by Justin Brooke on how he used Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice to make $5000 in 2 minutes…and not in some scammy way:

Justin followed Gary’s principle of constantly putting out all kinds of content to build credibility which then led to those lightning fast sales.

Of course, another essential component is a good landing page and this from Bluewire is not only an excellent explanation of what makes one but it also contains some nice free downloads.

You do have to sign up to get them but it is well worth it – in case you can’t find them on the page they are:

A third vital ingredient in your profit recipe is, of course, knowing how to optimize everything you produce for conversions. If you’re a little rocky on those, here’s a free guide from our old friends at Unbounce that will teach you a lot of what you need to know (email required):

Another great freebie I came across this week is a huge set of PSD mockup templates – invaluable if you want to create books, boxes, DVDs etc to showcase your products:

Again, you do have to give your email to get them but, as ever when I suggest something like this, it’s worth it. I always submit mine to test whether I’m spammed to death before I pass on these suggestions to you!

For your Kindle freebie this week I’ve chosen one written by a former marine: Ears Open, Mouth Shut. It may sound like I was having an Officer And A Gentleman moment but actually this is good advice for all entrepreneurs:

I started with a motivational nudge and our TED talk this week will round that off for you: the inimitable Dan Pink on the topic:

Have a wonderful, inspired, motivated week!

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