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The past couple of weeks have not been the best but I have now had more sleep, more sunshine and more time  to breathe…

And this week I’m going to be injecting some of that into your life too.

How? With a bunch of great tips and resources that will inspire, energize and simply make every day easier.

So let’s kick off with these uplifting real life stories of how ordinary folk turned their hobbies into 6 and 7 figure businesses…and yes, not all of that was online which only goes to prove you should always keep your mind and options open:

The one thing we all need more of is time…and there is one technique I know that beats all others hands down. Here’s how one person used it to get their life back and do in 16.7 hours what used to take them 40:

And here are 8 tools that will help you use that time to the max:

While starting your day right can make all the difference…

And scheduling it for peak creativity will make an even bigger difference…especially to your levels of accomplishment…

Of course, there are some days when you simply don’t feel like anything, let alone work…but for those of us who work for ourselves, or are working towards doing so, that is simply not an option…

Here’s what to do when apathy, inertia or plain ‘I just can’t do this’ strikes:

Thinking you’d like to retire early? How about in your 30s? Even if you’re already past that point, this will teach you how to free yourself up to lead the life you want:

Leading the life you want involves two things – believing in yourself…and investing in yourself.

Here’s how to do the latter:

Your TED talk this week reminds us what makes a good life:

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