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In the spirit of my controversial bikini-and-kitties video, I’ve decided to focus this week on freebies that will make your life easier…so you too can have more fun!

We’ll start with the ever brilliant Mashable (remember that from last week?) and here is a good piece on hacking your work-life balance with some new tips:

I also really like their hacks on how to get faster streaming video so you avoid all that endless buffering…I don’t know about you but that little circle thingie going round and round forever drives me nuts:

And I absolutely love this on Tumblr – 99 ways to make your life easier in one highly entertaining and very useful stream of tips. Some of them I had never even thought of but they are ingenious:

While on Forbes there is even more goodness:

You want freebies you can download and/or use to make your life easier and free you up for that fun stuff?

Here are 300 of ’em:

Ramit Sethi of ‘I Will Teach You To Be Rich’ fame offers his freebie PDF on 15 of his best life hacking tips here – everything from how to get people interested in you at bars (!) to how to grow your brand by charging more (!!).

Get it here:

Want video training on how to do some of this? Go here to learn how to automate your life so that you gain even more freedom to do what you want…now, if only I could train my kitties to make coffee I’d have it all sorted:

On the subject of fun, your TED talk this week is Dr Stuart Brown on how play actually makes you smarter…now you have no excuse:


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