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It’s that time of year again – the moment when many of us look back and think about what went right (hopefully a lot) and what didn’t go so right (hopefully less)…

And if we’re smart – and I know you all are – then we think about what we can do better in the year ahead.

To help you do that for your business, I’ve been in sniffer dog mode and hunted down some tips, training and tools that could make all the difference in 2015.

First up, a couple of great posts from Michael Hyatt who is up there on my list of people I listen to because they have achieved a lot out there in the real world.

His first is an excellent round up of the apps that worked for him and his team in 2014, some of which I had never come across before. Michael’s big on productivity so this is immensely helpful when it comes to streamlining your working day:

The other from him is an education not just in the content but also in what type of blog posts attract most eyeballs.

This is a roundup of his Top 20 most popular posts from 2014 and includes some great information and training, including a Beginner’s Guide to Twitter, 12 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers and 5 Reasons You Should Take A Nap Every Day (you may laugh but many business and world leaders swear by the latter and so do I):

Fizzle is one of my fave podcasts and here’s one that will really help you stand out and sell more in the year ahead:

Looking back (and forward), they also have an excellent show on how to do a yearly review and how to find the plan for the coming year in that review:

Pat Flynn over at Smart Passive Income is another guy I rate highly and his round-up post of the year is on the 5 books he read more than once. There are some great choices here and food for thought for all of us although be aware there are (clearly signposted) affiliate links to the books he suggests:

Joel Comm is offering a free copy of his book Social Poetry as a late Christmas gift but you need to hurry as this is finishing today, 28th December. I almost hesitated to include this as people have got muddled with my freebie Kindle recommendations in the past so I’ll just say once more that I do not control Amazon (if only), this was entirely free at the time of writing and any complaints should be directed to Joel (good luck with that one):

Before we get to your TED talk this week, I thought it would be a good idea to include this excellent tutorial from them on the science of setting goals aka New Year’s Resolutions:

As for your recommended talk, this week it’s one that has helped millions of people stick to those goals as well as overcome one of the biggest barriers of all to success: ourselves…


Have a wonderful New Year and here’s to an amazing 2015!

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