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I am writing this for you with one cat on my lap and the other huddled by the radiator…

Yes, winter has set in and everyone is walking around swathed in hats, scarves and gloves doing that very British thing of saying to one another:

‘Cold, isn’t it?’

I hope where you are you are toasty warm whatever the weather (I speak as someone who shivers whenever it dips below less than hot bath temperature).

I also hope you are ready for some hot marketing tips this week – see what I did there?

Awkward segues aside, I have covered a lot of topics this past week or so which gave me the idea of expanding on them with some useful hints, tips and tutorials in this week’s newsletter…

And with the day almost upon us, let’s kick off with Black Friday and an excellent tutorial from that maestro of SEO himself, Neil Patel, on how to rank higher in time for the main event so you make more sales:

Combine that with Neil’s equally brilliant podcast on how to make the most of those Black Friday traffic surges and you’ll be all set:

I’ve also touched on how important it is to use your voice effectively for your videos, audios, presentations and even sales calls – here’s a good guide to doing that for video narration and voice overs:

With some more great tips and actual examples here:

Almost every week I recommend PLR to you and that’s for the very good reason that I know what an invaluable addition to your marketing arsenal it can be, saving you countless hours and offering a chance to turn someone else’s hard work into moolah for you.

I realise, however, that you may still wonder what on earth to do with those lovely ebooks, articles and videos once you’ve invested in them so here are some handy tips and tutorials, starting with this from super affiliate Rosalind Gardner:

While there are 101 ideas here on how to repurpose your PLR (he offers the PDF version in return for your details – that’s up to you but it’s a good example of how to use a content upgrade to build a list):

Content marketing is something else I talk and teach about a lot and there is an excellent ebook with workbook activities you can grab for nada from Hubspot – yours in return for your details.

As I always say, I have never had a problem with them or their emails but, again, it’s up to you:

Your TED talk this week is on the thought-provoking topic of aiming for perfection while not fearing failure:


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