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I’m writing you this from the depths of the countryside where I have been longer than I intended helping a friend with their marketing.

Why has this taken so long? Because they were given the wrong advice by a so-called consultancy who were effectively simply milking them for every penny they could get.

What have I done about it? Started from scratch.

This has meant rebranding, coming up with a strategy that all their marketing strands follow and also teaching them how to implement on a daily basis…

All of which gave me the idea for this week’s focus which is how to set up effective campaigns from the start in various aspects of marketing or tweak those that you have so that they work better for you.

Let’s kick off with social media marketing and this excellent tutorial on creating a social media plan:

If you already have a social media plan but it’s not working for you, try these tips:

As for email marketing, here is a great guide to get you started:

While here are 15 ways to improve your email marketing:

And 19 ways you can improve your all-important subject lines:

SEO still shaky? Or non-existent? Here’s an invaluable tutorial for those of you using WordPress:

A superb checklist for everyone:

And a Google SEO lesson for beginners:

Public speaking not your thing? But you need to do it for business?

This is the TED talk for you…and anyone who has ever felt their stomach churning at the thought of giving a talk or simply wants to improve:


As for me this coming week…I’ll be launching the PokeAzon PLR I announced last week and haven’t had time to release with all the work I’ve been doing here…

And returning to the big city with a lovely country glow!