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Hey there and welcome to your Weekend Takeaways!

It’s been a heck of a week – thanks mainly to my internet service provider deciding to throw all kinds of tech gremlins into the mix – and so I’m going to kick off with some unabashedly fabulous freebie downloads to cheer us all up/keep us all cheery…

First up are these rather glorious mobile wallpapers from Mashable – yes, I know they won’t strictly advance your marketing career but they’ll make one of your more essential tools look a whole lot funkier:

Then from those fantastic folk at Hubspot is their brand new 2014 guide to internet marketing which is well worth a download even if you think you know everything there is to know on the subject (you have to give your details but I have never been spammed by these guys):

You might also like their email marketing crash course – a useful video series for absolutely nada that teaches you how to improve deliverability, opens and click-throughs:

From one of my favourite design sites, Hongkiat, comes this useful list of 100 free fonts you can use for both commercial and personal use – invaluable for product creation, all kinds of design projects, client designs, branding…in fact, anything where you need to ensure you are using a font legitimately.

Be aware that usage rights change and some of these fonts may not be free for commercial use any longer as it says in the comments:

On to some free tips & training now and here’s the redoubtable Steve Scott with 22 fairly simple things you can do to increase your internet income:

And from the excellent Copyblogger a couple of hugely popular posts, the first for all you freelancers out there on 53 of the biggest mistakes you can make (believe me, there are more):

While this one teaches you 6 proven ways to boost conversions on your call to action buttons:

To set you up for a week bubbling over with new and good ideas, here’s your TED talk from Steven Johnson on where those good ideas come from…and how to get more:

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