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This week I launched my new course, The Golden Ticket, which is all about how to find great ideas for info products so I thought I would kick off with some ways to find ideas for other kinds of products and services you might offer online.

First up is an excellent piece on how to come up with ideas for software products. I know this is something many of you would like to get into if only you could think of that great software idea…hesitate no more because this could be the kickstart you need:

If it’s a physical product you’d like to create but you have no idea where to start then this piece by Lewis Howes on 3 Ways to Find Your Next Brilliant Product Idea will help:

There are so many different kinds of business online – and so many potential ideas that you can explore – that overwhelm can quickly set in, stopping you moving forward.

To cut through that, here are 13 ideas to narrow your focus and get you thinking clearly. Some you will no doubt have come across but there are at least 2 or 3 here that will provide a fresh perspective:

And here are 5 ideas that you may never have thought of but all are successful internet businesses:

Once you’ve nailed your idea(s), it’s important to get going and keep up your momentum. It’s crucial you factor your business into your life rather than the other way round. One tool I came across this week that will help you do that is Mindbloom and specifically its Life Game.

This is fun, will cost you nothing and may well completely change your life for the better:

Another vital factor to success is finishing what you start – and you’d be surprised how many people don’t. It’s something I see a lot and people do this for many reasons, not all of them obvious.

One man who clearly doesn’t have this problem is Michael Hyatt and here is an invaluable podcast from him on what to do when you feel like quitting and why you should always play full out in your life and business:

If you need even more of a motivational kick, Bookboon has some excellent ebooks you can download in exchange for signing up (I did without any issues). You may find this one particularly useful but do check out their other offerings as they have a whole library of useful stuff:

Finally, your TED talk this week is the hugely popular one Dan Ariely gave on what makes us feel good about our work: