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Today is a sad day in London but I was so touched to wake to messages from all over world asking if we were safe.

Sometimes the internet and social media in particular can be an enormous force for good and the outpouring of offers of help, support and simply solidarity in the wake of last night’s attack is truly a light in the darkness.

It also makes me feel more than ever that we are all in this together so I am determined to be even more of a light in that darkness too, especially when it comes to sharing good information.

I wrote this yesterday and, in case you didn’t see it on Facebook, I’ve posted it to my blog and here’s the link – it’s some advice and encouragement on product creation:

Product creation is just about my favorite business model with promoting other people’s products another. But how do you find the right products to promote in the first place?

That’s another stumbling block I find holds a lot of people back so today let’s look at how you can get it right.

First up is this excellent tutorial on finding awesome affiliate products to promote:

With some excellent advice here too – I especially like the tips on creating content with which others can’t compete:

We all make mistakes but rookie affiliate marketers tend to make more than most…and those mistakes can be costly.

Here are 22 mistakes many newbies (and more experienced affiliate marketers) make and how to avoid them:

Know where many people get stuck? At the ‘finding that perfect niche’ stage.

Here’s how to do it from a total pro with years of experience:

And more great advice from another seasoned and oh-so-savvy marketer:

Aside from your own sites, when it comes to promoting those products you now know how to choose, social media is a must with Facebook out there in front.

But things are ever changing in FB land and you need to stay on top of those changes in order to benefit. Luckily, one of the queens of FB, Amy Porterfield, can tell you all about how to do that in this superb podcast:

And with Pinterest another huge arena for affiliates, here are some tips on how to maximise your efforts there:

Your TED talk this week is on where good ideas come from – as this is essential to both product creation and promotion I thought it particularly apt:


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