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Yesterday I went to an exhibition on graphic design and how it has been applied through the years to brand, rebrand and sell.

Design is a vital element of your business when applied to so many areas – your site, your logo, your products, the images you post on social media etc etc and it can even increase sales and conversions, which is why I am focusing on it this week…

Let’s start by taking a look at how you can optimize your site. Simple tweaks to your site and even your buy buttons can boost conversions enormously – find out how here:

There are 11 more design principles here to apply for increased conversions:

If you’re not sure what to tweak on your site, it can help to see it through a visitor’s eyes and you can do just that using this fabulous no cost tool:

Of course, design is also crucial to your social images and ads so that they stand out from the crowd and appeal to the right prospect or customer.

Here’s an excellent cheatsheet on how to get that right when it comes to FB ads so they convert like gangbusters:

When it comes to Pinterest, you want to make your pins super pinnable. Here’s how to do that with some great examples:

While with Instagram, you can not only use the apps here to create irresistible posts but also to promote them and increase your following…and all for nada:

Studies have shown that improving design can increase sales of your digital products by 33%.

I’d say it’s probably even higher than that in many cases and the good news is that you can create a great ebook or other product cover for nowt here:

Or by using one of these tools:

Your TED talk this week is on how simplicity, especially when it comes to design, sells:


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