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This week I had an email asking me about sales and landing pages and how to create them. It’s a huge topic with many elements – technical, copywriting and design to name but a few.

But it’s also relevant to us all whether we’re complete beginners or more advanced marketers because fashions change and so do the technical tools at our disposal.

I therefore had a look round for both evergreen and up to the minute advice which I’m sharing with you in this newsletter.

First, however, I’d like to kick off with these tips from David Ogilvy on copywriting. I mention David in the introduction to my new course, Easy Peasy Copy, and that’s because for many he is the father of modern advertising and the original Mad Man.

Here are his top 7 tips on writing copy that sells (which are very close to my own beliefs and what I teach):

Talking of copy, there is plenty of advice here on how to create a landing page that converts like Groupon. I don’t necessarily agree with everything that’s said but if it works for them…

If you need a sales page template, this one is proven to convert, won’t cost you a penny and comes with some handy tips:

Need a simple WordPress theme to create sales and landing pages? Here you go – and, as ever, there is no need to whip out your wallet:

I’ve shared this before but it’s so good it deserves a second look – Unbounce on the perfect recipe for a landing page that converts:

Unbounce also have a great library of resources for you and I especially recommend the 7 day lead-gen landing page course:

Want to create killer headlines for those sales pages? Then check out what Amy Porterfield has to teach you on the topic:

And if you simply want to learn all you need to know about using WordPress, building sites etc then sign up for this excellent course here…you guessed it, for no cost!

Or if you fancy tackling HTML and CSS but you are a complete beginner, go here:

Your TED talk this week is close to my heart – Jean Tang is Declaring War on Bland:

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