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I do love it when I can start with a thank you…and this is a giant thank you to all of you who supported my Bring A Smile Firesale in any way and sent such lovely emails into the bargain!

You have made a real and massive difference to me and especially my daughter so we thank you from the bottom of our grateful hearts and beyond.

I have not had time to get back to you individually but rest assured I will and, in the meantime, I thought I would share some lessons from this launch that will benefit you.

Let’s start with what lies at the heart of a successful launch or release of a product and that’s the offer. Get your offer right and you’ll have your target audience flocking to buy.

Get it wrong and the silence can be deafening (and disheartening!)

I believe that an offer should represent tremendous value for the customer – crucially, a value they can perceive.

Chris Guillebeau is someone I admire and follow – here’s his excellent take on creating irresistible offers:

Here are some other ways to get your offer right on the button:

With some tips here on covering those copy essentials and other ways to create offers:

And here’s an invaluable checklist to use before you set your pricing:

While this podcast on eliminating objections and erasing price resistance will help you bring a whole lot more moolah:

As I always teach, identifying your target audience is crucial and here is some advice on how to do that:

Of course, you need to announce or advertise your offer and email is one of the best ways to do so…here’s how to get that right:

Some offers are limited time and here are some specific techniques to use to promote those successfully:

Want to know the real art of selling? In a nutshell, it’s making it easy for the customer to choose you or your product.

But we humans can find choice overwhelming or confusing which is why I’ve chosen this TED talk to make things a lot easier for you:



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