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After the hottest June day in the UK for 40 years, my mind is truly blown. Luckily for you, cooler weather has returned so I can share the goodies I found while sweating over a scorching laptop…

And the biggest thought I had was that it is so important to remind you to build a business rather than simply dabble in one thing then another.

Yes, I know you hear this a lot but that’s because it’s the truth so the first resources I am sharing with you today are all designed to help you do just that.

The first and most important thing is to do it right from the beginning and knowing the pitfalls to avoid is vital…which is what you will find in this excellent guide:

You may think that some of the ideas in there don’t apply to you as your business is too ‘small’ or you are ‘just’ a beginner but, believe me, that is never the case.

The same fundamental rules apply whether you are a one-person band or are setting up an empire and if you think you need to start with those fundamentals but have no idea how, read this:

There is also some very useful stuff here, especially if you follow the suggested links:

No moolah to start that business? No problem. Here’s how to start an ecommerce business with absolutely nada:

My regular readers and students will know that I am a big fan of the side hustle to get – and keep – you going while you build that business, as taught in my Wonga course.

Here are some more side hustle ideas to help:

Of course, you will need your own site whatever business you are building and here’s a brand new collection of no cost WP themes to help with that:

With more here:

And if you’ve gone through all this and still think that you’d love to build a business but lack the motivation, take a look at this:

For you TED talk this week, it just has to be Martin Reeves on how to build a business that lasts 100 years:

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