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I’m writing you this from sunny (sometimes) Copenhagen where we are staying with Per who runs a successful software business.

One of his current projects is a restaurant app and it got me to thinking how much I have used apps on this trip…

From checking in to buying transport tickets to finding our way around. In fact, I could have done it entirely by app and that made me think I should provide you with resources this week to begin exploring – or extend your exploration – of how to create one yourself.

And before you shake your head or think ‘not for me,’ think again. Of course there are zillions of apps out there but, as with everything, if you niche it down to your market you will be able to grab your share of it.

Every time I look, there are more and more no cost resources to do so. First up is Appypie, ‘the world’s fastest growing DIY mobile app creator.’ Drag and drop simple, you can check it out here for nada.

The basic plan means you will have ads in your app but it’s a great way to get started and you can always upgrade later:

Appmakr is slightly different in that it lets you create a mobile website on its basic plan (no ads) but charges a nominal one buck a month for its basic app plan. You can check it out here:

While Appsbar is completely zero cost and includes some excellent tutorial videos to help you along the way:

Zero cost is fine for getting started but there will come a point where you will want to add extra features, remove those ads or simply get more professional.

While the suggestions I’ve given all do a great job, here are the top app builders for 2016 according to Business News Daily:

Having said all that, note that their top beginner’s pick, BuildFire, has a zero cost option!

I find with app creation that simply looking around to see what you need on a daily basis is the best way to find ideas. On this trip, for example, I can already see opportunities for local app creation based on those I use every day in London.

If you’re stuck for app ideas – as people often are when they get started – then first of all take a look at this guide to the app creation process:

And then take a look at these for inspiration:

If you’re still wavering between creating a website or an app, this from Crew will help you decide:

Many people also wonder if they should create an Android or iOS app – here’s their advice on that:

We’ve already talked a bit in this newsletter about idea generation – your TED talk this week takes this further with an excellent look at the surprising habits of original thinkers.

Try some for yourself if you haven’t already and get those creative app juices flowing!