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Funny how some days works out…

I headed off this afternoon to attend a Wellbeing fair at the farm where my daughter volunteers…

And ended up outlining the branding and social media strategy for one of the speakers there as well as giving her the structure for the book she wants to write.

Why did I do that? Because she was immensely kind to my daughter, spending ages giving her advice so it felt only right to reciprocate. But – and it’s an important but – she wants to work with me on a paid consultancy basis and is more than willing to do that for my usual fee.

The lesson for you? There is more than one way to attract a new client. Or any clients. And, for me, the best way has always been getting out there and giving first which neatly ties in with that marketing law of reciprocation (although in this case, she gave first!)

I think many people (for that read so-called gooroos) make far too much out of this consultancy business. Or, indeed, any kind of freelancing or coaching. So this week I want to focus on resources that will show you how easy it can be to not only start but build a great business and let’s kick off with…

This excellent tutorial on 20 steps you can take to set up your own 6 figure digital marketing agency:

Of course, as with my experience today, it’s all about building relationships and this is a great podcast on how to do just that as well as other ways you can emulate the success of Brian Downard who has worked with sites like Hubspot and Entrepreneur but started small when he was still at college:

A question I often get asked is how much you can rake in as a coach or consultant. The straight answer is: lots. Provided, as ever, that you do it right. Here’s precisely how one coach/consultant brings in over 40 big ones every month:

Of course, you don’t have to restrict coaching or consulting to marketing. Many people do very well as online fitness coaches and here’s how to do that (a lot here is applicable to all kinds of online coaching):

Or you may wish to be a life coach (although you absolutely don’t need the course he advertises on his page to do that, the info here is really good):

While you can get certified as a life coach course here for absolutely nada:

While there are 56 niches you can coach in here:

Another question I often get is how you can get started if you have no experience.

Here’s how:

If you already have a coaching business, or are in the early stages of setting one up, here’s how to simplify it:

Your TED talk this week will help you build your inner coach – what more could you want or need?