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The sun is shining down on London town and I am just back from a glorious day out in the riverside town of Richmond, only slightly marred by the presence of what felt like thousands of rugby fans gathered for the England-Wales match.

Yep, this important fixture had entirely passed me by…until people wearing huge daffodils and leeks on their heads started wandering past.  Those were the Welsh contingent, in case any of you were wondering!

I suppose you could call that a form of branding and that’s something I want to look at today as part of authority marketing, just one of the focal points of this week’s Weekend Takeaways.

Authority sites are big and getting bigger. They are an excellent way to build long-term income and work for all kinds of marketers…but there is also a lot of bad information around on how to build one that works.

Here are some excellent resources that will set you in the right direction, starting with a superb series from Steve Scott which rivals any paid training for its depth and quality (in fact, it beats quite a few):

Here’s another good two-part series from Tom Ewer:

Yes, he does pepper those with a few of his own affiliate links but I’m sure you are more than capable of navigating those 😉

One site Steve Scott refers to as an authority site is also one of my faves, Chris Guillebeau’s AONC and here is one of his all-time best posts on conducting your own annual review…something I think you should do at least bi-annually and preferably every month:×5/how-to-conduct-your-own-annual-review/

Two big dawgs in marketing, Ben Settle and his buddy Dan Gallapoo, have launched what I would call authority podcasts within days of one another (coincidence? I wonder…)

They are both playing the ‘badass marketer’ ticket and while you may not agree with what they have to say, you will learn a lot from it, including how to brand yourself as an unforgettable force within your market.

Here’s an episode from Ben’s podcast in which you will learn:

* Why you have a better chance of being healed by a medicine man
shaman rattling a staff at the moon in the middle of the desert
than the American medical system.

* The “counterintuitive” thing to say to clients to get higher fees.

* The “Heisenberg” secret to commanding respect from clients.

Among other things…find that here:

While Dan will teach you how to double your business in 11 months or less right here:

So you can see how Steve Scott does it, our Kindle freebie this week is one of his – all about how to find profitable topics on which to blog:

Strangely, that one comes up in the UK as costing 77p so here’s one that’s free on this side of the pond:

Finally, your TED talk this week is a TEDx talk given by Chris Guillebeau on fear and permission – well worth watching:

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