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I decided to offer up a bunch of freebies this week to set you apart from the online (and offline) herd. Extraordinary is rare by definition and rarity commands a premium everywhere so start now to set yourself apart.

We all love free WordPress themes and this collection is particularly well-chosen:

Want some plugins to go with those themes or your existing ones? I especially like this selection:

And these are pretty nifty as well:

Webdesignerdepot is one of my fave sites for great freebies and this one is extremely useful – plus you can include it in your commercial project so long as you credit the creator:

I was intrigued by this list on Mashable of resources to keep your web-surfing private – obviously not to be used for nefarious purposes but prudent in this day and age:

Ever wanted to know what happens to your sales emails after you click and send (I hope you do!)? Here’s a way to find out.

I first stumbled across Yesware through this article and suggest you read it through as it’s full of good information:

I don’t know about you but I hate paying for WiFi when I’m out and about or on the road.

Here’s another freebie I found via an email from my card provider and while it is only for those of you who have a Mastercard and are visiting London (we’re a friendly lot here), I’m sure it will roll out to other cities in due course:

For all of you, this huge list of freelance tools and resources should offer something to increase your productivity or simply stop you tearing out your hair:

And on productivity, I couldn’t resist including this too because I think it can help all of us:

Speaking of extraordinary, here’s your TED talk on the Extraordinary Power of Ordinary People…enjoy!


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