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This week it struck me how just a few extra steps or tweaks can make all the difference between doing just OK and doing great in business.

That is, of course, why people hire consultants – to point out those tweaks that will elevate them to the next level without excessive time, effort or expense.

With that in mind, I decided to share with you some resources that will take you to the next level or simply improve what you are already doing without stressing or maxing you out.

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Let’s start with one of my go-to guys online and that’s Joe Polish. This episode from his excellent podcast is aptly titled How To Be A Better Marketer And Entrepreneur and there’s so much you can learn from this:

Copyblogger is another of my fave places to go for inspiration and knowledge. Their course Internet Marketing For Smart People is truly excellent…and the best part is that it won’t cost you a penny:

Want to build the kind of business where you serve clients online and off? This is a fascinating case study from Mike Ramsey on how he built up his internet marketing agency to where it is today:

Fancy becoming a real marketing mastermind? Think you might need to add some skills to truly take your business/income to the next level? Here are 19 courses that will help you get there – again, at no cost to you:

So much of copywriting lore online is based on tried and tested direct advertising techniques. Here’s a great case study from D Bnonn Tennant on how applying those to your marketing can really ramp up your results. I’ve shared these before but this is evergreen and bears another look:

Who’s one of the biggest beasts online? Google. And if you want to get better results you need to learn from the biggest and best.

You may have noticed I constantly teach how you need to align your offering with your target audience’s needs. In this brief but IMHO essential piece, learn how doing that will help you emulate the Big G’s success:

To improve in anything you need to believe you can do so. Your TED talk this week is all about the power of that belief:

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