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As the old saying goes, we live in interesting times. This week may have been unsettling, especially here in the UK, but life and business goes on…

And here are this week’s goodies to help you make the best of both!

First up is this excellent guide from Hubspot on how to get 100,000 readers for your blog – and who wouldn’t want that?

Yours in exchange for your details (and I would like to mention again that I have never had an issue with Hubspot – any emails they send have been of value but you can always unsubscribe!):

Also yours for nada from Hubspot is this on page SEO guide – invaluable IMHO:

Also invaluable is this podcast from I Love Marketing with Tony Robbins and Peter Diamandis on how to achieve the impossible…among other unmissable lessons:

Need some motivation right now? You can get some here but be warned – there is some language ahead that may offend, in which case avoid:

Or if you’d like to double your list in 90 days using the Pareto Principle, take a look at this:

Over at Hongkiat there is a fabulous design freebie in the form of this summer asset bundle worth over 1k…but yours at no cost here:

And if you fancy learning web design without spending a bean then check out this excellent course here:

Your TED talk this week is Carol Dweck on the power of believing that you can improve:

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