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Yesterday I was up bright and early for my archery course which was excellent…and taught me that simply tweaking my technique in tiny ways meant I hit the gold far more often.

If you’d like to hit the gold more in your marketing, the good news is that applying tiny tweaks there too can yield big results.

This week’s newsletter is devoted to some of those tiny tweaks which you can take and apply straight away and the best news is that it won’t cost you a bean!

Let’s start with content marketing – an area which I know many people find frustrating and/or daunting.

Here are 7 simple tweaks you can use to improve your content and boost your results:

And 8 more to really supercharge things:

You know that mobile marketing is huge and getting bigger by the day but how do you tweak your social media marketing so it really reaches and impacts that enormous audience?

Here’s how:

Social media images not making enough impact? Here are some specific tweaks to get them really grabbing your audience by the eyeballs:

SEO still a bit of a mystery? Or, again, underperforming? How about 8 tweaks to put that right…

And 35 more that will really get things rocking on the SEO front:

Want more clients? Don’t want to spend hours, days and weeks trying to do so? Here are some simple tweaks for you:

Into ecommerce and in need of your own specific tweaks to get more sales? You can get hold of an excellent whitepaper on just how to do that here…you will have to supply your details but it’s well worth it:

And some profit-increasing tweaks right here:

Your TED talk this week is Amy Cuddy’s classic on how making tiny tweaks to your body language to bring big results:

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