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I sometimes mention particular people to you in my emails who have succeeded online and off, often against the odds.

I usually tell you a bit of their personal story so that you can be inspired into also succeeding…in your own way.

In this week’s Takeaways, I want to focus on various ‘ordinary’ people who have succeeded in different ways and who share part of how they did that with you so that you see how almost anyone can do this…

Yes, even you.

Actually, especially you.


I also share some of their best tips.

Let’s start with Elna, an ex-teacher who decided to stay home once she had had her twins and now is a mompreneur.

Here’s how she gained 4.8 Pinterest followers with, as she puts it, ‘little effort’:

Next up is Glen from Viperchill who started his first marketing agency at 16 and has made well into seven figures on the online business model that changed his life along with lots of examples who have succeeded in various ways – great stuff:

Then there’s Rand Fishkin who dropped out of university in 2000 to work in his mother’s small marketing business and went on to set up SEOMoz in 2004, now renamed Moz, one of the most successful sites ever.

Here he is on that perennial favourite – what he’d change and what he’d keep the same if he started all over again:

Less well known but no less successful in her own way is Michelle Hickey who was let go from her job as a graphic designer in 2009 and now says it was the best thing that ever happened to her…

Here she is on how she makes money designing and selling printables:

Or how about Alex Tooby – her story will sound familiar:

‘I literally tried it all.. affiliate marketing, selling on Ebay, blogging for Adsense clicks, distributing referral codes, selling my design services on sites like Fiverr and Elance…nothing ever lasted’

Until the day she simply quit her job and went to Nepal!

You don’t have to do anything that drastic but you can follow her advice on four practical ways to make bank on Instagram:

Finally there is Lawrence Aponte who went from being an ex-con to a massive success – here is his extraordinary story:

Here he is on setting up a Shopify store:

Your TED talk this week is from the inspirational Richard Tasner who founded his own start-up at age 66 and tells you how he did it:

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