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Let’s kick off with a look at all things high ticket this week whether you’re a product creator, consultant, affiliate marketer…there’ll be something here for you. Just in case you need convincing that adding high ticket items or services to your offering is essential, here’s an excellent take on the benefits of doing so from Chuck Daniel.

It may have been written a while back but it is still as relevant today:

Drayton Bird is not only a true advertising gooroo, he’s a copywriter many of the biggest names look to for advice and inspiration. He works out there in the real world and here’s his advice on selling those high-priced (we’re talking 6 figures) items and services:

I’ve recommended this before but it’s worth mentioning it to you again as I know how easy it is to mislay that great link or article you found…although do remember that with Weekend Takeaways the past newsletters are all accessible right here.

This short, sharp piece with highly experienced consultant and marketer David Frey is especially useful for those of you selling consulting service as he lays out a great process although, of course, everyone can benefit from his pointers:

Webinars are a tried and tested, very successful way of selling high ticket items and John Lee Dumas is someone who walks his talk…find out how he does it in this excellent podcast (there’s also a transcript to download):

Facebook is another excellent avenue for these sales and here’s a ‘random act of coolness’ from the guys at Marketing Genesis – a video training on how to do just that:

Note how no-one can agree on what constitutes ‘high-ticket’ – that’s because so many variables come into play, including your base price items/services, market factors, niche etc etc Talking of Facebook, here’s a $160,000 case study on how to sell out events on Facebook:

Selling high ticket events, services and items has so much to do with tapping into the human mind correctly…here’s a TED talk (one of the most popular of all time) that will blow your mind on just that subject:

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