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Funny isn’t it how some people take you seriously even when you’re ladling on the irony?

I posted the following on Facebook yesterday and someone suggested it might be ‘pure clickbait.’


Not only was I not taking myself seriously (how can I – I’m a Brit!) but if he’d bothered to watch my video he’d have understood that it was all part of a wider story I was telling…

One that poked fun at those gooroos with their shiny videos starring themselves on beaches or beside their big, fast cars.

Anyway, here’s the post so you can make up your own mind…and check out the video too if you like:

OK, I’ve really plumbed the depths now…

I’m promoting my new product in a bikini. And I even dragged my innocent kittens into the mix.

Oh and purred over the whole thing in my best Nigella tones [another marketer suggested I sounded like the divine telly chef]

If you’d like to check the video evidence (and maybe the product too) then go here but don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Amanda Craven