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Sometimes I go wild on Weekend Takeaways and just cram it full of stuff you can download for nada…

Things you can use to pimp your sites, pretty up your products and just make your life and business easier and more productive as well as more profitable.

OK, so that may not be your definition of wild but it’s certainly useful. Take what you want from here and use it well!

First up, who doesn’t love fabulous fonts, gorgeous graphics, interesting icons (OK, I’ll stop with the alliteration now!) and all for no cost?

You can find a bunch of great stuff here at the appropriately named Free Design Resources:

Media Loot also has some wonderful goodies here:

Want some new sources of stock photos you can use commercially without paying a dime?

Here you go:

Super sleek designer images at Designer Pics:

Simply beautiful CCO pics at Jay Mantri who urges you to do anything with them including ‘make magic’…

And a great selection at Pic Jumbo:

How about some icons? Here are thousands of ‘em:

Need a new theme or just want to try out a new look for your site? You’re in luck! Check out the 30+ themes here that won’t cost you a penny:

Now on to some useful tools and I’ll start with the brilliant Free Keyword Niche Finder from Wordstream which enables you to come up with the most profitable keywords in your niche:

The next site is unmissable – a huge collection of every SEO tool you could ever need in one place…for zilch…

Finally, if you want to know how well your website is performing try Hubspot’s Marketing Grader…it could be a revelation!

Hate public speaking? Sometimes you just have to do it whether it’s to raise your profile, win clients or simply change the world. For your TED talk this week, here’s TED’s curator on the secret to great public speaking…and he should know:

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