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As you know, I’m launching Azon High Ticket 2.0 today at 2pm EST so I have decided to dedicate this newsletter to making you more moolah…

By showing you why and how you should promote those higher-paying, high ticket products and services…including your own!

Sounds daunting? Not really – it takes as much effort to promote a 7 buck product as a 70 or even 700 buck one although your approach may be different.

Let’s start with this excellent piece on why you should promote high ticket products and just how easy it can be:

Can’t find those high-paying affiliate programs? This site will help with an ever-expanding database of ‘em (yes, a lot of them are his affiliate links but you can always go direct to the sites mentioned if you have a problem with that):

And there are some great tips here on marketing more expensive items, particularly when it comes to sales copy:

When it comes to selling high ticket products, Drayton Bird is up there with the best. He wrote the ads for Airbus (that is one very high ticket item!) as well as sales letters generating hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here’s his advice on the secrets of how to do it:

Tried selling high ticket products and/or services and not got the conversions you wanted?

This will help:

Are you a coach, freelancer or consultant? Or would you like to be? If so, I find so many people place far too low a value on their time and expertise.

If that’s you, you need to read this:

Like to learn by listening? Here’s a podcast with the legendary John Lee Dumas on how he sells high ticket products through webinars, a tried and trusted method:

Rory Sutherland is one of those real world marketers who really knows his stuff and here’s his take on what you need to do to charge more:

Speaking of Rory Sutherland, here’s his TED talk on why perspective is everything – it may just help if you’re still hesitating over taking that big ticket leap:

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