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This morning we were up bright and early and scanning the stalls at our local car boot sale by 9am…which is practically midnight for some serious car booters!

Nevertheless, we brought home a good haul including a vintage storm lamp that is worth at least eight times what we paid for it along with collectible glass bottles, some other nick nacks and a fabulous brass door knocker.

OK so that’s an eclectic load of loot and we will probably end up keeping all of it because my daughter chose and loves all the items but if I wanted to sell it all on I could do so tomorrow and clear well over £125. Not bad for a couple of hours in the sun and a spend of around £18.50.

My point is that there are opportunities everywhere if you look and you know what you are doing. Admittedly, I have some knowledge of collectibles as those of you who took my Cash for Trash course will know but it’s knowledge that anyone can acquire and something anyone can do.

With that in mind, here are some more ideas of ways to earn extra cash online and off that you may never have thought about or never tried…but which you could do while building your other business or transitioning from a job to working for yourself.

We’ll kick off with Gigwalk, an app that enables you to earn some extra bucks carrying out tasks in your neighbourhood. Simply download the app, get started and get paid direct into PayPal:

Freelancing is something else I recommend and have taught but an easy trap to fall into is to set your prices too low and forever regret it…

Here’s an excellent piece on how one freelancer made $23,000 in just four weeks on Elance:

And another on how Josh made $6500 in 45 days – this is especially good because he goes into some detail on crafting the perfect proposal and gives examples of his own winning proposals:

Another great site for freelancers is Odesk, now known as Upwork, and here is a tutorial on how one person makes $1000 a week there:

While on this post from the Upwork blog there is not only an excellent step by step guide to making bank there but you can also download the entire ebook that sets out that process in detail for nada:

Of course, there is always Fiverr but this is definitely one arena where you need to work it right or you’ll end up working yourself into the ground before you make any decent moolah…

Here’s one clever way:

And there are more good tips here:

All of the above are side businesses or ‘hustles’ that could easily turn into full-time income – if you’d like more ideas, here are 50 to get you thinking:

Not enough? Here are 50 more (inevitably there will be some crossover!):

Your TED talk this week is on a quality that is essential to everyone building a life and business that suits them:

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