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Hey there and welcome to your Weekend Takeaways!

Traffic – we all need it to our products, services, pages, product listings…and this week’s edition focuses on ways to get more of it, starting with this excellent post from MindValley Insights on how to get your content seen by more people…

After all, there’s no point coming up with great content if no-one reads it. And if no-one reads it, they won’t be signing up or buying your stuff!

A lot of us, including me, use social media to drive traffic so how about ten ways from the brilliant Kissmetrics to double that traffic without too much extra effort?

Read how here:

LinkedIn is often overlooked as a great traffic-driver and here’s its founder, Reid Hoffman, on the mistakes people often make that prevent them benefiting to the max from his platform:

Want even more traffic-driving ideas? Here are 39 of ‘em:

Regular readers will know that I’m a big fan of video – in fact, I’ve been creating a new one just this morning – and YouTube is a great traffic driver when used correctly. For those of you selling or promoting physical products, it’s also one of the best ways to show that product off.

With the hundreds of thousands of videos being uploaded every day, it does help to have some insider tips on how to make sure your video stands out. These are some excellent SEO tactics:

Stuck on making those videos in the first place? James Wedmore is the go-to guy for many people in the know when it comes to video marketing and here’s a free training from him on how to make an effective video:

Your TED talk this week is special to me because it’s from Kiva co-founder Jessica Jackley. I donate – or rather, lend – to Kiva on a regular basis because I believe in the power of micro-loans as a way to empower people to change their lives but I think there’s a real lesson in here for all of us…

That you can achieve anything if you believe enough in yourself.

As promised, your (my!) birthday gifts are here:


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