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Today we’re getting personal…

Or at least, your marketing will be because that’s one of the hottest trends right now for the simple reason that it works.

What do I mean by personal? Well, one of the most obvious applications is email marketing where personalization can rack up response and open rates to impressive levels.

To help you make your marketing more personal – and therefore more successful – let’s take a look at different methods and tools.

First up is AI or Artificial Intelligence which is one hot trend in itself, especially when applied to email subject lines and copy.

I can’t find any genuinely no cost tools out there but I did find this which has so many ingenious options for finding high quality leads and contacts for you email and sales campaigns…all for nada.

As they say: ‘imagine a world where it’s Seamless to connect with your target market, build profitable relationships and acquire new clients.:

Interactivity is another important way to make your emails more personal and engaging.

Here are some tips on how to make your emails more interactive:

One suggestion in those tips is to include surveys in your emails. It’s easy enough to include a link to a survey you create using one of the no cost tools out there but harder to embed the survey into your email without spending some moolah.

A solution is to use a combination of Google Forms (excellent for creating surveys and polls):

And Gmail:

Of course, crafting content that really connects with your reader is another great way to reach out and grab ‘em – here’s how to do that:

For even better results, you’ll want to make that content intelligent:

For more ideas on how to make your emails interactive take a look here:

Your TED talk this week is on that all-important topic of human connection and how, as we expect more from technology, we may expect less from each other:


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