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We had a few flakes of snow this morning in London – huge excitement. Although I don’t think we’ll be skating across our parks and ponds any time soon…

Still, it brought a smile to most people’s faces and that’s my aim with your tips and freebies this week as we head towards what is officially the most depressing day of the year.

Yes, folks, Blue Monday is approaching and if you’d like to learn a little more about it, check out this Wiki:

But you’re not going to be blue…you’re going to be in the pink once you’ve delved into all I have for you this week and let’s kick off with today’s Giveaway of the Day software which is an excellent video converter.

This is for both Windows and Mac and lets you convert videos between all kinds of formats. It normally retails for 49.95 but you can get it for nada today (please be quick as these offers do disappear):

My next goodie is for all of you who have to deal with customers in one form or another and is an excellent podcast on how to handle things when they decide to use social media to complain.

This can really hurt your business and sales so this is well worth a listen as it will teach you how to turn social haters into raving fans:

Need a new look? Here’s a great selection of the best freebie WP themes for 2016 especially for businesses and startups:

And if it’s a one page theme you’re after, here is another lovely selection:

Mockups are essential not just for product creators but for anyone who wants to display a digital product to best advantage. You can grab a nice collection here:

I also really like these SEO icons you can download here to add some zing your sites and products:

Thinking of breaking into ecommerce this year or want to learn how to without spending a single cent? Volusion have a superb range of educational webinars here for you:

While if you’d like to take yourself from struggling to super affiliate, here are some excellent tips:

And you can download Super Affiliate Millionaire Secrets without even giving your email here:

While your TED talk this week looks at one thing that can help us avoid days like Blue Monday as well as build better businesses and lives – connection:

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