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Hola and hope you are enjoying what, for many of us, is a holiday weekend…

We headed off to the river and a fundraiser for the Red Cross only to find that the tide came in so fast and high that I had to wade across to rescue my daughter from where she was marooned on the other side of the flooded road.

Needless to say, she managed to fall in and so we all squelched home past swans and ducks swimming up the road along with a couple of canoes.  And all this in London – brilliant fun!

As ever, I’ve hunted high and low for equally brilliant resources for you and I’m kicking off this week with an incredibly useful utility.

I don’t know about you but I hate fiddling around copying text from a programme such as Word and then having to paste it into something like notepad to strip out all the formatting before transferring it to my blog or autoresponder.

That’s why I was delighted to come across the free and fabulous Pure Text – a nifty little tool you can download that will take care of all that for you by adding a Windows hotkey.

Get it here:

My free graphic resource this week is a beautiful site called Webtreats who have a wealth of goodies to give away including textures, icons and much more and the best thing is that you can use these commercially without attribution:

Another great find is Open Photo – a high quality image site that has some gorgeous photos for use in your projects although you need to check individual licenses for acceptable usage:

This week’s free Kindle choices should appeal to most of you as they cover business principles we can all apply.

The first is ‘Insights From Remarkable Businesspeople’ and in it outstanding leaders offer tips on ‘how to identify and fix even the biggest problems’…with the obligatory Oprah contribution, who could resist?

The second is ‘How To Start A Blog That People Will Read: How to create a website, write about a topic you love, develop a loyal readership, and make six figures doing it.’

Says it all really…although this one is probably more suitable for beginners rather than more experienced marketers:

As ever, don’t forget you can read Kindle books on many devices, including your PC, for free by downloading the appropriate app (or reader from the Kindle site).

Last week I shared with you the excellent tutorial site Udacity and this week I’m recommending you head over to the Mozilla Developer Network to check out their superb range of resources that will enable you to learn Java, HMTL, CSS and so much more…all for absolutely nada:

And if learning how to make (and then sell?) an iPhone app from scratch is more your thing then head on over to the Khan Academy:

Finally, my random inspirational site of the week (and a marvellous repository of shareable material) is Upworthy, a curated selection of ‘Things that matter.’ I dare you not to be moved, tickled or plain old fascinated:

Have a wonderful week!