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Hey there at the end of a scorching weekend in London! 

We’re gearing up for the Queen’s Jubilee over here and the celebrations are ramping up in anticipation of next weekend’s official Royal love fest.  I took my daughter to yet another street party this weekend (complete with doggie fashion show – had to be seen to be believed!) and the entire country is awash with red, white and blue. 

In the midst of all of this, we spent our weekend with an old friend out on the Essex/London border and, in between doggie fashion shows, I helped her out with her new website.  

Now, this is a friend who has a blue chip background in marketing but was attempting her first ever WordPress site.  Actually, her first ever site.  Of course, being a complete beginner, there was a learning curve.  When she hit that wall earlier in the week she approached a business associate, knowing that I was super busy, and asked him to give her a few pointers.  He was happy to…for a price.  A very steep price, in fact.  

She said thanks but no thanks and waited until I could sort out what were, in fact, relatively simple tweaks.  Of course, they’re not simple to a beginner but that’s what really made my blood boil.  You see, WordPress is a great platform and you can learn everything you need to know about it without being ripped off by so-called experts.  Sure, it may take you a little longer but it’s worth spending the time so that you equip yourself with vital, money-saving and even saleable skills. 

With that in mind, I am dedicating this week’s Weekend Takeaways to excellent WordPress resources you may not have come across before. 

First up is a great site for those who, like my friend, are brand new to WordPress as well as more seasoned users. WP Beginner contains how to videos, articles and step-by-step guides complete with screenshots. You can find it here: 

Then there is Smashing Magazine’s excellent section dedicated to all things WordPress – comprehensive articles on everything from theme suggestions to how to guides, tips and tricks: 

WP Candy is a wonderful blog if you are fairly advanced with WP and want to stay on top of the latest releases and innovations.  This is a list of the daily shows they offer dedicated to Sweet Plugins – a great repository for ideas as well as plugins to make your life easier: 

For those who really want to get technical with WordPress then Cleverness will teach you all kinds of advanced tweaks and even provides a free WP base theme so you can develop your own: 

And finally, for offliners especially (and product creators) this is an excellent blog that, to quote, “Helps publishers and brands get the most out of WordPress”: 

There are so many great resources and sites out there dedicated to WordPress (and don’t forget the official WordPress Codex) that I will be returning to this as a topic.  If you have any special WordPress requests for future Weekend Takeaways please do let me know and otherwise have a wonderful week.