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I’d like to kick off this week’s array of free tips and trainig with a fabulous free tool for finding out what content is working best for any topic or competitor, giving you that edge for both SEO and the content you then produce.

It’s also good for seeing what topics relating to your market or niche get the most attention.

Buzzsumo is rapidly gaining a loyal following and the free version is super cool – try it out here:

Keeping with content and SEO, here’s an excellent podcast that covers the balance between the two – in fact, two podcasts as it’s a two parter so you get double bang for your no bucks:

I happened upon HaikuDeck this week and I love it – a stunningly simple way to make your slides/presentations really stand out and for absolutely nada.

Here’s what Time magazine had to say about it: “Haiku Deck promises to do for presentations what Instagram did for photos: Make us all look like creative geniuses.”

Love it and you can find it here:

Showing off your products with great pictures is one great way to boost your sales on Amazon. Here’s a good article on the topic:

And this is a very helpful video that gives some great tips:

Your Kindle freebie this week is the intriguing “How to Make Money Writing Product Reviews: Make $57,192 per Year Getting Free Products Sent to Your Door”

Who could resist? Get it here:

Your TED talk this week is from Facebook’s director of product design and gives some fascinating insights into how sites as huge as this are designed to work at a very human level:

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