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It’s been a hectic weekend of celebrations in London for the Queen’s Jubilee and we still have two more days to go! 

Yesterday another street party and today we were gathered beside the Thames, along with lots of other families, to see the flotilla of 1000 boats set off.  An amazing sight and, as one seven year old said, “You’ll never see this again in your life.” It was truly inspirational and that’s the theme of this week’s Weekend Takeaways – some of the sites that inspire or motivate me the most. 

Now, inspirational/motivational stuff might not be your thing – and fair enough – but even if it leaves you cold this is a niche that is worth billions every year so you might want to take a look for purely business reasons.  Then again, I believe that all of us working online need a dose of inspiration and/or motivation now and again.  It can be a lonely, difficult haul sometimes and simply dipping into one of these resources can be all it takes to get you up and running again. 

First of all, I’d like to point you to a site that is owned by a member of the Warrior Forum and is a fantastic repository of all things motivational.  This particular link is to the free downloads page but you will find a wealth of good stuff throughout the site and I urge you to explore it: 

Then there is my absolute No. 1 self-help non guru – I say ‘non guru’ because Michael Neill is the antithesis of all those ego ridden types who set themselves up as the only answer to life’s bigger questions.  Michael takes a refreshingly commonsensical approach and I own several of his books.  I also love to dip into his site and read the excellent posts there: 

I also love Eric Gilboord’s site and his selection of the top 40 no cost motivational audios and videos to download. An inspiring smorgasbord of goodies and you can check it out here: 

Lastly, another site I visit when I’m having one of those ‘I’m going to smash the screen right now’ moments (generally after a tech hitch that leaves me foaming at the mouth). Yeah, I know, hard to believe but we’re all human! 

This may not be the prettiest site but it does offer a wonderful collection of no cost relaxation downloads that may just be what you need when you, too, have one of *those* moments: 

As for me, I’m going to put my feet up once I’ve done the bath/bed/story routine with my daughter and relax in anticipation of another full-on day.  I hope you enjoy these resources and that you have a wonderful, productive week.