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Hey there and a very Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate it! 

I am just about to head off for Suffolk to stay with a close friend who lost her husband to cancer last year.  This is not meant to depress you but rather inspire because she is the epitome of someone who has chosen to pick herself up and carry on in the face of tragedy, finishing the house they were renovating together, taking up new interests and keeping up with friends old and new.  

I’m taking some elder saplings with me to plant in her husband’s memory and I know she will enjoy picking the berries and flowers each year and thinking of him as she makes cordial an wine. 

I think that spirit of life and renewal encapsulates this time of year when we can see the hope of spring but are still flagging in the last days of winter – apply that as a metaphor to your business and you can understand why I am sharing my friend’s story with you.  

Now, on to your resources and this weekend I am focusing on some great graphics sites that offer all kinds of no cost downloads, tutorials and plenty more so you can spice up your products, sales and squeeze pages and so on. 

First we have Smashing Apps – a great site not just for just apps but graphics, photoshop brushes, icon sets and much more: 

Then there is Web Designer Depot, again, not just graphics but tips on all things web and collections of their fave stuff from around the internet: 

If you ever get stuck with Photoshop or find yourself wanting to recreate some of those fancier effects you see then this is the site for you as it contains excellent tutorials: 

And finally the excellently named Creative Nerds which features some excellent tutorials and articles as well as freebies:


Have a wonderful weekend and speak soon!