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I’m back in London after a wonderful Easter in the WiFi-free wilds of Suffolk and refreshed from getting back to nature with walks on the windswept beaches and pottering by the river.  Much as I love the freedom and endless possibility offered by the internet, I always find that time away from being always ‘on’ recharges those creative batteries so I can come back buzzing anew. 

One area of internet marketing I have always enjoyed – and found a natural fit – is copywriting, largely because writing is what I have done professionally for years now and it remains a great passion of mine.  I know it doesn’t come as easily to many of you, though, and as it is such a vital skill to a marketer (and can not only make you money but save you a ton in copywriting fees) I decided to focus this week on copywriting resources. 

First up is Doberman Dan who modestly describes himself as a ‘Kitchen Table entrepreneur’ but is more of a raving genius when it comes to copywriting.  Lap up his articles and free tips and (yes, I’m about to commit marketing heresy by encouraging you to do this) sign up for his list.  He’s that good: 

Then there is the inimitable Michel Fortin, a legendary copywriter and marketer – again, anything he writes is worth your complete attention but I particularly love this post on Headlines That Pull, Persuade And Propel. As I’m sure you know, getting your headline right is crucial to profitable copy and Michel nails it in this piece: 

Lastly, there is a rare treat in the form of Gary Bencivenga’s Marketing Bullets archive.  Gary is the direct response copywriter named Best In America although many think he is the best copywriter on earth.  These bullets are absolute gems and any single one of them will teach you more about copywriting than most other material on the subject.  You can access them here: 

That’s it for this week and I hope it is a hugely successful one for you, filled with renewed energy and positive steps forward!