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I’ve been steadily adding past Weekend Takeaways to the blog this week and putting them in date order so it’s easier for you to reference.

I’ve also added titles to give you some idea of their content and although there are still loads to add you can check them out so far under the Freebies à Weekend Takeaways category.

I’d like to start this week with a great piece I found on NOT following your passion when it comes to finding products to sell.  It’s advice that’s bandied around a lot (‘follow your passion and the profits will follow’) so I found this a refreshing read:

And now on to some great tools to find you endless supplies of great, free content. I’m working on my new product at the moment and I’m always conscious of how important it is to suggest ways you can access valuable content that you can use not only in your own product creation but also on your sites, in your emails and so on.

First up is Trendspottr, which has to be one of my favourite ways to find trending content from across social media way before anyone else.  A brilliant, brilliant site and one you’re going to love too:

Then there’s Prismatic, an app you can use in your browser or on your mobile devices to curate content in the form of your own personal newsfeed. Very useful indeed and super easy to set up:

I also like Spundge – a site that dubs itself the ‘world’s best collaborative and intelligent content platform.’  Good enough for me!

And finally this great piece on 12 content research tools you should be using:

That’s it for this week – I’ll be adding more and more great free stuff to the blog so keep checking back and hopefully see you there.

Have a happy and productive week!