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Welcome to your second edition of Weekend Takeaways, my round-up of no cost resources I like and that will help you build your business more easily! 

This weekend I am focusing on some great sites and Google Chrome apps I found via one of my personal favourites,

Mashable is one of my go-to sites for everything cool, useful, hip and happening on the web.  When I find a post there I particularly like, I bookmark it for future reference and the following are some of the best from my personal collection. 

First up is a time and money saving collection of great apps to use with Google Chrome.  I especially like Yast, which allows you to keep track of the time you spend on individual projects (including billable hours) and even lets you generate time-sheets.  Excellent if you are dealing with clients, whether on or offline. I also love Screen Capture and use it all the time for both product creation and coaching purposes. 

You can find all of those apps here: