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Thanks for choosing to promote Foursquare Uncovered! It’s great to have you on board.  Your list is going to love Foursquare Uncovered and I’m sure it’s going to convert insanely well.


You can grab your affiliate links here:

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Affiliate Offer Page link:



If there’s anything you need (like a review copy) please shoot me an email at

Below is an email swipe which you can send out to your list – I’ve provided a choice of subject lines but feel free to adapt and mix it up as the more you personalize this the better your list will love you for it.  I’ll be adding more email swipes and other material so please feel free to check back again soon:

Subject lines:

20 Million Users…At The Touch Of A Button!

Social + Mobile + Local = Profit

Set up in minutes…profit for months!


Email body:

Hi {name},

Social media marketing is becoming a tougher and tougher sell for offline consultants…

Local business owners have seen it all before.  They’re jaded. Cynical.

But they’ve never seen THIS:

  • 20 MILLION users
  • Thousands more signing up each day
  • Only 1 million businesses taking advantage of this global phenomenon…

Which means local businesses cashing in big time – with your help!

Foursquare is the way of the future now. It harnesses the power of:

  • Mobile
  • Local
  • Social

All of which adds up to incredible ROIs for all concerned.

And the best thing about this? You really can set up a campaign in just a few clicks – one which will bring hordes of high-spending customers in to your clients’ businesses, sending their profits skyrocketing.

Just imagine results like this:

In one simple campaign a local New York steakhouse, Angelo & Maxie’s, raked in a cool $18,000 extra with no more than a few minutes’ work on foursquare

Radio Shack blasted their profits up by 350% by  leveraging foursquare – again in just a few quick clicks!

Foursquare is the way of the future now.  If you’re not yet into Location Based Mobile Marketing you’re missing out on the hottest thing to hit since plain old social media.  Millions more people use mobile devices to access the internet than standard PCs and those numbers are exploding all the time.  By 2015 over 1 BILLION people will be using smartphones and foursquare already has a huge share of those who use their phone to shop and socialize locally.

Do yourself, your wallet and your clients a favor and check this one out now so you can tap into those 20 million users before someone else does!

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[Your Name]


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