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It’s Mother’s Day here in the UK and so far I have made my own coffee and served myself a croissant…although I can hardly blame my blissfully snoozing daughter as she did pull an all-night science sleepover at school!

Hearing her enthuse about the many facets of that sleepover – fluffy animals, armadillos, forensics, chemistry experiments et al – reminded me of the almost limitless facets to internet marketing.

I often talk about the boundless opportunities in niches beyond the standard IM one and this week I thought I would share with you some examples of how you can succeed outside the box…and inside it as well when it comes to those ‘Big Three’ niches of finance, weight loss and relationships.

First up is an excellent interview with Bedros Keulian, a man whose name is synonymous with success in the fitness niche. What is interesting about Bedros from your perspective is that much of his success comes from his offline activities such as personal training programs – in this industry in particular, marrying online and offline products can yield spectacular results.

Listen and learn, especially to the bit that includes ‘The one marketing strategy you can use that made Bedros enough money to not have to worry about money’:

David Siteman Garland runs a great site/podcast called The Rise To The Top for ‘mediapreneurs’ – coaches, consultants, authors and information marketers – and this particular episode from his show covers the relationship niche among other useful topics as David answers questions from his listeners.

There’s quite a long intro so if you want to skip to the good stuff it starts at around 6:48:

Self-help or self-esteem is another huge, evergreen niche and Brian Tracy is practically the godfather of the genre. At his blog you can find a nice selection of free resources but also check out how he positions himself as it’s an education in itself:

Barrie Davenport’s Live Bold and Bloom is a very successful site in this niche and you can download his starter kit of 5 motivational ebooks in exchange for your email – worth checking out to see how he does it and the books are well worth it. Again, take a good look at the site while you’re there:

If at this point you’re still trying to find the right niche for you then this list of 1109 profitable niche markets may help – some are more weird than wonderful but they are all proven profit pullers!

To inspire you on your quest to find the perfect niche/arena in which you want to work, this week’s TED talk is from Jonathan Fields, a former private equity attorney turned lifestyle-entrepreneur, blogger, marketer, speaker and author of Career Renegade: How to Make a Great Living Doing What You Love:

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