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At this time of year, the world goes a little mad. What with shopping and organizing and cooking and more shopping, it’s no wonder most folk just want to put their feet up.

In the spirit of all of that, I thought I would re-inspire you with some wondrous gifts courtesy of some of the best sites out there.

Use these how and when you wish and I hope they make life a little easier and your bank balance a lot fatter (which, let’s face it, is another thing we all need when it comes to the festive frenzy).

Let’s start with a great little guide from InkyDeals entitled “Tips, Tricks & Other Info about Becoming a Successful Freelancer” – you can download it right here…no email or anything else required:

Over at Pixel Buddha there is a nice selection of their best design freebies from 2016 – choose from fonts, mock-ups and much more:

While over at Fribbble there is a constantly updated selection of the best of the best from that excellent site, Dribbble:

Over at Hongkiat there’s a fabulous offer that might just prove a lifesaver over the holidays (or at least a few moments’ peace) – to quote:

“Kid Club is a free, family-friendly Minecraft server where kids learn high tech skills in a safe, multiplayer environment. Expert counselors work with kids online to run collaborative challenges, events, and clubs designed to maximize the learning potential of Minecraft. There’s no more fun way to learn STEM and creative skills on the internet!”

Get it here:

While for us marketers, this Chrome extension allows you to forward an email as an SMS from Gmail which means more opens and therefore more clicks:

While Constant Contact’s no cost course teaches you how to integrate social media marketing with email for super-powerful results:

And if you fancy getting a diploma in online marketing – and acquiring some seriously useful skills along the way – then check out Alison’s course here:

Your TED talk this week is the kick in the pants Larry Smith on why you will fail to have a great career…or not:

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